Release Notes
Updates on new releases/features and bug fixes
Release 21.11.1
Release 21.10.1
Release 21.9.1
Release 21.8.1
Release 21.7.1
Release 21.6.2
Release 21.6.1
Release 21.5.4
Release 21.5.3
Release 21.5.2 Support new metadata types, fix DX issue of Muting Permission Sets
Release 21.5.1 Enable version history tracking on Work Items
Release 21.4.1 - Schedule a Deployment to run at a specific time, fix minor bug on profile compare
Release Notes - 20.11.1 Custom List Views, Static Code Analysis
Release 20.8.1 - Salesforce Summer 20 API Version Upgrade, New Metadata Types Support, Team Role Management, Diff View Enhancements, Outgoing Webhook Enhancements
Release 20.6.2 - Direct Branch Commit, Org Sharing, GitLab Authentication
Release 20.5.1 - Team Collaboration - Comment & Notification
Release 20.4.2 - Static code analysis, SFDX CLI update,
Release 20.3.2 - option to deploy all git source, new metadata types, new scheduling option, simplify license subscription
Release 20.3.1 - fix scratch org issue, new option to schedule CI job to run every 6 hour, Spring 20 API upgrade
Release 20.2.1 - Git commit default preference, support manual entry of the incremental build marker id, custom message when sharing deployments.
Release 20.1.1 - Better ways to compare and deploy language translations
Release 19.12.3 - DX conversion performance enhancement, profile diff view bug fix
Release 19.12.2 - Permission Set Group
Release 19.12.1 - Fix Person Account Matching Rules Commit
Release 19.11.1 - Org Sharing
Release 19.10.3 - Support apex test configurations for pre-pull request validation
Release 19.10.2 - Component Dependencies (beta)
Release 19.10.1 - Winter'20 API upgrade
Release 19.9.1 - Import/export support for CI jobs, URL redirect after login, Winter 20' custom metadata list
Release 19.8.2 - Outgoing web-hooks, git commit author
Release 19.8.1 - Import / Export Components and Use Cases
Release 19.7.3 - Committer name for ssh repo, ignore whitespace diff
Release 19.7.2 - Phabricator Support, Custom Notification Type
Release 19.7.1 - SSH Support, Deploy Settings, DX Support for Nested Report & Dashboard
Release 19.6.4 - Find and replace, create scratch orgs
Release 19.6.3 - User default deployment preference, explicit deployment trigger report
Release 19.6.2 - Default API version update to 46.0, revoke licenses when de-activating team members, translations for global picklist.
Release 19.6.1 - Add Wave Recipe component type, display dashboard labels in list view, back-end performance optimization
Release 19.5.3 - Remove incorrect custom metadata last modified date, performance optimization, remove restriction when selecting target branch
Release 19.5.2 - Select components across all pages, enable lead convert settings for all, better git connection error handling
Release 19.5.1 - Snapshot diff view, multi actions CI jobs with quick deploy support, bulk delete of deployments, team owner default access, additional metadata types.
Release 19.4.1 - Option to include unit test coverage result, single click commit validation, additional metadata types
Release 19.3.3 - Mixed Deployment Mode, Incremental CI Build, CI Deployment Rollback
Release 19.3.2 - Gain more control and flexibility with profile, record type and translation deployments
Release 19.3.1 - Omni Channel, Lightning Theme Support, Git Test Connection Button and Better Error Handling for Git Commit
Release 19.2.2 - Profile Only Deployment Option, Lightning Web Component Support for DX Repo
Release 19.2.1 - Lightning Web Component, API version update, Object Translation, Git Repo Direct Url Support
Release 19.1.3 - Git commits merge with unwanted ending newline character, permission set deployment issue.
Release 19.1.2 - Compare between Salesforce DX repos and Salesforce Orgs, Profile Deployment for Activity Task
Release 19.1.1 - Quick Deploy, Azure DevOps Support, Flow Code Coverage Warning
Release 18.12.2 - Github Enterprise support, deploy differences between git branches.
Release 18.12.1 - Line by line diff view between Salesforce and Git, performance enhancements
Release 18.11.3 - Bitbucket Enterprise Support, Git Commit Option
Release 18.11.2 - Gitlab Cloud Support, Team deployment history, Handle firewall & timeout error for On-Premises git repositories.
Release 18.11.1 - Gitlab on-premises support, Diff flag support for Git to Salesforce or Salesforce to Git deployments, Escape button should close diff view popup, Pagination on deployment list page
Release 18.10.3 - Support selective deployment from DX format git repositories and   Fix minor xml format issue when committing record type with a new picklist field.
Release 18.10.2 - Updated default metadata api version to Winter '19, Process builder deployment behaviour changes, Commit behaviour optimized for DX repository and Infrastructure upgrade
Release 18.10.1 - Bugfix: deploy reports of which parent folders belong to managed packages and Self-service license management support for Essentials+ license
Release 18.9.3 - Added "manage access" for deployment sharing, Correct object base commit behaviour, Support ignore package version mismatch option, Added "create date" column and Added "source control complexity"
Release 18.9.2 - Bitbucket Support, Source Directory Selection and Salesforce DX Git Commit Bug
Release 18.9.1 - CI Job Change Log, History for CI Commit Job and Git Commit Option
Release 2.1.9 - 15 Oct 2017.
Release 2.1.8 - 11 Sep 2017.
Release 2.1.7 - 20 Aug 2017.
Release 2.1.6 - 15 Aug 2017.
Release 2.1.4 - 24 Jul 2017.
Release 2.1 - 18 Apr 2017.