Troubleshooting & FAQs
Commonly asked questions and troubleshooting tips
Does a user have to configure the Salesforce Metadata API in Essentials?
Known Issues
If I’m making destructive changes to an org that is also connected to a branch or feature branch in Git, does it delete everything at once?
How do you fire off notifications when things happen/are completed?
Can you create a work item and start it from an org in the middle of a deployment pipeline?
Profile/Org IP restrictions. Set up org connection for Copado Essentials - Reserved IP Address Whitelisting
How does the metadata sync feature work? Is this only for specific objects and data? (Deployments, Environments, Credentials, User Stories, etc?)
Known issue while deploying Live Chat Button: "Required fields are missing: [RoutingType]"
Group, group members deployments
Are changes to a merged work item reflected in Git?
How to deploy all changes since the last release
Known Issue - Firefox "sign in with Salesforce" not connecting (Firefox unsupported)
Essentials Support for Salesforce v54
How can you position a Hot Fix org for late stage quick fixes?
Deploying Lightning Email Templates
Can I set up connection to orgs that I do not have admin access ?
Can I view Copado Essentials deployments in the inbound & outbound change set view?
How can I associate a work item with JIRA or Azure DevOps?
Can I use Copado Essentials to deploy across unrelated organizations?
Can you overwrite within a feature branch?
If I provision a brand new SF Org, how do I push or deploy everything? Not just a change set.
Can our team share the same organization list?
Can you run unit tests with Essentials?
Is it possible to have different streams of work items for different customers?
I have installed the package in a few DEV orgs to test and it looks like there is only 1 license per environment. Is this correct for the managed package free version? Is the same limit with the Essentials version?
Profiles and their updated fields & permissions are scary for us to deploy, how does your tool address that?
These Git. feature branches look pretty generic, how do we know when there’s a conflict if we’re working exclusively out of Copado?
Our auditors will want to see what was deployed, who deployed it, and what tickets justified the deployments. How can we report on that info and export it for the auditors' review?
As a part of the change sets in our SF org, they have some built in tests that try to run every unit test possible. Is it possible to only run unit tests of what’s been changed or modified in the change set in Copado?
How does Copado connect to Salesforce orgs? Does it connect through each user's own Salesforce user account, or does it use a dedicated service account for all Copado users?
Wildcards cannot be used to select managed packages
What’s the difference between “Review Changes” & “Commit to Branch”?
How can we allow another team member to deploy to production without being able to build deployments?
How do destructive changes work?
Is there a way to prevent team members from performing org-to-org deployments?
Is it possible to use Webhooks with your Git repository?
How do I kick off an Essentials+ trial?
Can you schedule when the deployments are deployed?
It seems like there are two ways of using Copado: either install the managed package in a Salesforce environment or use the online Essentials tool. Is there a sync or connection between these two solutions?
When using a deployment to commit any metadata directly to Git, I don’t see a button to validate like I usually do. Can I still validate before I commit to Git?